“For people without disabilities, technology makes things
easier; for people with disabilities, technology
makes things possible”

- IBM, 1991



Eyewear for Homonymous Hemianopsia

While various types of prisms, press-on prisms and mirrors have been used for over eighty years for hemianopsia, it was not until the late 1980s that the Gottlieb Visual Field Awareness System improved the way we treat this problem. Dr. Gottleib not only departed from the poor optic quality of the press-on prism, but switched to a monocular system fabricated only on the lens on the side of the visual field loss. In the past, doctors mistakenly thought that both eyes needed to be fit with prismatic systems. Dr. Peli’s work at Harvard’s Schepen’s Eye Research Institute has clearly demonstrated that true field expansion works only when the system is mounted on one eye on the side of the visual field loss in a patient with binocular vision.

Today, three types of visual field expanders are available to help patients with homonymous hemianopsia. These systems include the EP Horizontal Lens, the Gottlieb Visual Field Awareness System, and the Chadwick Hemianopsia Lens (InWave type monocular lens.)

The EP Horizontal lens developed at Harvard's Schepen's Eye Research Institute brought a new concept to the treatment of hemianopsia. It creates a simultaneous view that does not require head movement to function.

With these new technologies most homonymous hemianopsia patients who there having difficulties, now find they can walk about without fear of running into objects, are no longer constantly startled and feel more safe and comfortable in travel. We find their confidence and independent increases greatly. Also some patients with high-end goals such as driving may use these systems in a dedicated manner for driving. 

See our driving section for a more detailed discussion of driving with hemianopsia.




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