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Check List of Homonymous Hemianopsia Symptoms

Below is a list of common symptoms that patients with a homonymous hemianopsia may experience. A homonymous hemianopsia can occur after a stroke, tumor or other acquired brain injury. Because the patient may fail to recognize the impact of their problems, we suggest that both the patient and spouse or caregiver review this list. The spouse or caregivers often notice problems that the patient fails to appreciate.


  1. Frequently bumps into objects like door-frames or people.

  2. Difficulty and uneasiness in moving about in crowded areas.

  3. Unsure of footing while walking and may trip or stumble.

  4. Often startled by moving objects or people appearing suddenly.

  5. May have bruises on shoulder or arm from colliding with door-frames.

  6. Frequently loses place in reading and becomes frustrated when reading.

  7. Struggles to find or misjudges the start or end of a line of print in reading.

  8. Has withdrawn from most reading.

  9. Frequently spills drinks when eating.

10. Unsteady balance in walking and may report dizziness.

11. Problems in finding things on desks, counter tops, cabinets or closets. 

12. Fear or anxiety in walking through unfamiliar areas.

13. Uneasiness or even panic attacks in crowded area.

14. Withdrawal from going to stores or other crowded areas.

15. Gets around well at home, but avoids outside activities.

16. Patient may deny the above problems that caregivers observe.


If you are experiencing these problems, you may benefit from vision rehabilitative care. The use of a visual field awareness system such as the EP Horizontal lens, Chadwick lens, Gottlieb VFAS, reading therapy and/or other treatments may be considered. Additionally, occupational therapy, visual therapy to improve scanning, and visual neglect therapy may be indicated.

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