Lauren's Story

Right Homonymous hemianopsia
The EP Hemianopsia Lens  (Upper Segment Only)

Hi my name is Lauren

I am a patient of Dr. Richard Windsor. I started going to Dr. Windsor after my brain surgery. Before I came to him, I was a caregiver for my mother, and at the time I had seizures, which limited me to what I could do. I didn't have a normal life, where I could get out to go anywhere since I had seizures and I didn't know when they were going to happen. Then in 2001 I had brain surgery to eliminate my seizures, which it did, but it left me with right peripheral vision loss in both eyes. That is when I started coming to see Dr. Windsor. At first, after my surgery I was running into cement posts, running into walls, furniture and a lot more. I didn't feel safe walking anywhere because of running into things, I would misread recipes, books etc., and I would have trouble with just about everything.

I came to Dr. Windsor and he saved me from these problems, I came in one afternoon and he asked me if I wanted to be in a study for the prisms they were working with for a Harvard study. I told him I would be delighted to do it. I am so glad I did, when we started he put a press-on prism on my glasses and it opened up a world I missed for quite a while. Later, he asked me if I would be interested in the final version of the lens they had been working with.

I now have the EP Hemianopsia lens and I love it, it has helped tremendously in my every day routine. I have no trouble with cooking, playing tennis or any other sport, watching movies with subtitles or anything else I enjoy, I am now active in the church and on other committees. I am so glad I came to Dr. Windsor. He has opened many doors for me after I got my prism. Dr. Richard Windsor is an angel sent from Heaven, I am very happy that I came to him.


Lauren J. J.